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Sound Mapping Lab Setup:

Amplifier: Blackstar ID:260TVP

Microphone 1: Sennheiser MD 421-II

Microphone 2: Sure SM57

Master Track Sample Rate: 96khz, 24-bit

Headphones Used for Mastering: Sennheiser HD-650 & Beyerdynamic DT990.

Mastering DAC: Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus

Mastering Amplification: Ray Samuels Emmeline The Darkstar.

Compare Page Compressed Sample Rates: 320kbps (MP3) & 350kbps (OGG) — 16-bit, 44.1khz

Strings: D’Addario XL when possible, Stock otherwise.

Picks: Dunlop 0.73 Tortex, Dunlop 0.93 JH Ultex

I/O Interface: Apogee Duet Mac

Drum Machine: Korg Pandora Mini

DAW:  Logic Pro X

Patch Cables: DiMarzio

Guitar Cable: Mogami

Microphone Cables: Mogami

Tuners: Snark